English Idioms bring beauty into a language

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Most of us have used an idiom or saying in our lives whether or not we can define what an idiom is. An idiom is a group of words when put together have a figurative meaning. The group of words of which the idiom is composed has a literal meaning which is different from the figurative meaning of the idiom. There are many English Idioms which are used frequently and these idioms are the ones which make the language seem more beautiful.

What is necessary to understand an idiom?

Like mentioned before, the group of words used in the idiom have a meaning different from the meaning of the idiom and so even if one happens to knew the meaning of all the words used in the idiom, yet understanding the idiom is not possible unless one is well acquainted with the culture behind the usage of that idiom. So for one to be able to understand the American Idioms, one should be well acquainted with the culture and the tastes of America.

Examples of common idioms and usage

There are many examples of idioms. For example, one idiom goes like “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. The figurative meaning of this idiom is that love increases when people are made of are apart. This when thought of will seem to be actually true because when we are away from someone, we realize their worth and so start to love them, when near we usually take the person for granted and fail to see the beauty they bring into our lives.

 One usage of the idiom mentioned above could go like “Cheer up dear; everyone knows the absence makes the heart grow fonder”. No other words could have brought the same effect that this idiom does and thus idioms add to the beauty of a language and enable a person to express their feelings in a better manner.

Another one of the Idioms Examples could be “blowing smoke”. While everyone knows the meaning of the words “blowing” and “smoke”, without knowing the figurative meaning of this idiom, one will not be able to understand its true meaning. It means to be boasting of something intent to follow through and could be used like “Do you really intend to go to Germany or are you just blowing smoke?”.  


The American Saying is a nice way for a person to be able to express their thoughts and only when one knows the culture behind the idiom will one be able to savor the true beauty of the idiom.

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English Idioms bring beauty into a language

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English Idioms bring beauty into a language

This article was published on 2013/06/24